Audio Producer

I have been fascinated with music and audio ever since I was a child. From my grandfather playing drums in a big band to watching live bands perform at my parent’s night club. Dial(l)ing in compressors and finding the perfect EQ setting is what I dream about at times. I consider myself a friendly, warm, and calm audio producer. I prefer to use Adobe Audition, Logic Pro, and GarageBand. I can also use ProTools, Reaper, and any other DAW.

I recently finished mixing, producing, and co-hosting the podcast, the Oblique Life Global Goals, Season 1. Below is an episode from that season and other work I have done.

I helped launch the podcast, Inside Luxury with Piers Schmidt, for the company Luxury Branding.

Album I wrote, recorded, and produced titled, Two Tickets Please.

A sample of music I recently wrote, recorded all the instruments (except drums), and mixed titled “Fix It.”