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Joseph Brothers Threads is an online T-shirt store that is soon to launch. It is a drop shipping e-commerce site I created in WordPress with TheGem theme from Codex themes. T-shirt designs were made within in Canva. Check it out by pressing or clicking here.

Cafe Beignet of Alabama is a restaurant group located in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama, USA.  I built this site with HTML, CSS, and Javascript source code from www.free-css.com. I modified the HTML and CSS files and uploaded them directly to the bluehost server. Just doing final touch ups before launching this site. Check it out by pressing or clicking here.

MusicEL is an online music education platform that offers online music courses, resources, and live teaching seminars. I planned and produced online music courses and content for the website. I was also in charge of managing the learning management system for the platform using LifterLMS within WordPress. Check it out by pressing or clicking here.

Dr. Cristin Fergus requested a website that she can modify herself. I built a simple site for her using Squarespace.  Check it out by pressing or clicking here.

Current/Future Projects

  • Benjamin Paul Design: Currently building out a website that will feature an updated portfolio using CSS, JavaScript, React, Tailwind CSS, and various APIs. 
  • Ben Joseph and The Lay Lows: Building a website for my band that will feature ecommerce and NFTs.
  • Arts event website: Website that uses various APIs and webscrapers that allows users to find things to do in the city of London. 


Ads and posts for social media along with some academic writing samples.

Homestead Music Lessons

Cafe Beignet

Mama Lottie's


What is the New Orleans Sound? The New Orleans sound is a cultural maelstrom. It’s the Transatlantic, Trans-Caribbean, and Trans-Gulf of Mexico mycorrhizal networks of musical roots, routes, and roundtrips created by migration, slave trade(s), revolutions, the birthing of nations, and mediation. It’s the rhythm, the timbre, (the call and response), the improvisation, the signifying, the sexually explicit lyrical content, the racial and social tension, horn players in the streets, the dance moves, and the body movement. It’s an amalgamation of European, African, Haitian, Native American, Cajun, Cuban, Afro-Cuban, Latin, Vietnamese, Francophone, Creole, and transgender cultures. Simply, it’s a melange of European military music and Afro-Caribbean music. It’s uptown, the French Quarter, CBD, Mid city, uptown, 9th ward, West Bank, East New Orleans, Central City…it’s the Big Easy, babe.

Graphic Design and Video

Samples of music courses I created for MusicEL, band posters, and more.